It’s The Little Things

Although most of our feedback comes from patients or family members, occassionally we hear from UHN staff wishing to share their experiences or observations at the hospital.

Below is a note we were pleased to receive from one of our staff members:

While I was unlocking my office this morning…, I overheard a porter orienting a new hire while they were transporting a patient.  As they stopped to wait in front of the elevator, he said to her, “I try to park the wheelchair over here a bit, as there is usually a cold draft coming out of the vent right above us.”  Just at that moment the elevator arrived, so I didn’t have a chance to compliment him for his thoughtful attention to the patient’s comfort.  I thought it was something that should be highlighted to you as an excellent example of patient-centred care.

Hearing these kind of stories make our day at Patient Relations!



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